Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaign

Are you planning to run Social Media Campaigns? – Achieve Results! There is an identifiable interesting fact about campaigns that I totally like and endorse- it allows for extensive creativity in targeting audiences. I cannot dispute the fact that campaigns that are implemented with the use of traditional media channels are effective, as it has […]

5 Best Ways To Market Small Business Online

Ways To Market Small Business Online

5 Best ways to market online as a Small Business The question is, how to market small businesses online? is something you have asked yourself as a business or potential owner. It is important to know that, marketing small businesses online when compared to traditional ways of marketing; has afforded small businesses the tremendous opportunity […]

Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing

GET READY TO BENEFIT FROM DIGITAL MARKETING “SEARCH: A marketing method that did not exist a decade ago, provides the most efficient and inexpensive way for businesses to find leads.” – John Batelle. Quite an ideal quote in a world of new marketing, don’t you think? It is as a result of SEARCH that you […]

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

Graph Growth Success Strategy Marketing Computer Concept

Digital marketing is synonymous with ‘finding your business online. It is basically the marketing and promotion of various products and services through one or more forms of digital media. In this evolutionary world, it is thought that digital marketing has completely overpowered traditional marketing, with its many facets including websites, search engines, social media mentions, […]